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2024 Hydrogen Concept 

Take the challenge and shows how can a Hydrogen Formula Car look in the near future!

Welcome to the 2024 Hydrogen Concept Challenge! This year, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking competition category focused on hydrogen powertrain technology. Dive into the challenge designed for both electric and combustion vehicles, encouraging innovation and forward-thinking in automotive engineering.


  • Electric Vehicles (EV): Develop a theoretical hydrogen fuel cell EV powertrain that performs comparably or better than traditional accumulator-only EVs. Prepare for the future of hydrogen in Formula Student with a design that impresses both in dynamics and efficiency.

  • Combustion Vehicles (CV): Create a theoretical hydrogen-fueled CV powertrain that rivals or exceeds the performance of standard gasoline-powered vehicles. This challenge pushes the boundaries of hydrogen combustion technology and integration in current Formula Student frameworks.


Teams are required to submit a detailed concept paper that includes technical diagrams, performance analysis, and a comprehensive safety evaluation by July 7, 2024.


Experts in hydrogen technology will assess submissions at key Formula Student events. Presentations will take place in a series of face-to-face sessions where teams will showcase their innovations and answer critical technical questions.

For more information, queries, or registration details, please contact us at

Plascore IAD Special Award

Formula Student Portugal, in partnership with Plascore GmbH & Co. KG, proudly presents the IAD Special Award. This award acknowledges teams' commitment to safety and excellence in the detailed preparation of Impact Attenuator (IAD) documentation.


Plascore, a leader in honeycomb core manufacturing and cleanroom technologies, honors teams for their diligence in creating documents that ensure the safety of their racing cars during crash scenarios. This Special Award is for the team that exemplifies precision, innovation, and clarity in their IAD documentation.


  • Open to all Class 1 teams participating in FS Portugal.

  • Submissions are evaluated based on minimal errors, clarity and structure, website submission accuracy, and innovative design.

  • The evaluation process is hierarchical, starting from minimal errors to innovative design in case of a tie.


  • The winning team, chosen through the IAD Review Process, will be announced at the Formula Student Event in Portugal.

  • The prize for the winning team is €1,000.


Ensure your IAD documentation is submitted via the FSG website as part of your regular competition documentation. Excellence in this area is now doubly rewarded: not only is it crucial for competition safety, but it also brings the chance for this prestigious acknowledgment.

We look forward to your innovative contributions that set new standards in safety and design. Good luck to all teams aiming for the Plascore IAD Special Award!​

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