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Two competitions, one quiz to rule them all!

Formula Student Portugal and Formula Student Switzerland are teaming up to make one single quiz that grants access to the best-answering teams in both competitions. More information can be found on FSCH website, here.


26th - January 2024 - 08.00 (WET)


  • All teams need to register on Formula Student Germany website. Official competition documents will be submitted through their site.

  • All teams need to register on Formula Student Switerzland website.

  • All teams must participate in the FSG rules quiz, performance in this quiz is irrelevant for registration on either FSCH or FSPT.

  • All teams must participate in FS CH/PT quiz, which will be available on FSCH website.

  • After the quiz, teams might choose the competition(s) they want to attend: FSCH or FSPT, or both.

  • Every team category CV, EV, and Class 2 must follow these steps to participate.

The quiz resolution can be found here. Protests can be made until 27/01/2024 at 17:00 CET. Protests can be issued via e-mail, using

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