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FSPT is a place where excellence and attention to detail meets good vibes and a relaxed atmosphere, come meet our competition!


Amidst the competitive spirit of Formula Student, a relaxed atmosphere prevails at FSPT! Here, teams unwind in a shared space where laughter and light-hearted races with shopping karts under the setting sun are as much a part of the event as the engineering challenges.


The FSPT camping site offers a spacious haven where teams can recharge and bond. It's a hub of social interaction where people from various corners of the globe exchange ideas under starlit skies.

FSPT's camping site is planned to cater to rest and recreation, its ample layout ensures you won't wake up to your neighbor's Schokolade!

Excellence is paramount: from our relentess staff volunteers, to our experienced design judges!


FSPT's judges aren't just about scores; they're here to guide and grow future engineering stars. With a team of over 45 judges from 12 nationalities, they've penned a whopping 300 pages of feedback and spent 3 hours in one-on-one sessions. They're the backstage heroes helping teams level up their game.


FSPT's scrutineers come with rich backgrounds in Formula Student and a deep understanding of the competition's intricate rules. As seasoned SES and IAD reviewers, they apply their know-how to ensure each vehicle not only passes rigorous safety standards but also adheres to the complex Formula Student rulebook.


Our staff members are the pillars of FSPT, a tireless force of over 30 volunteers who turn plans into action. They're the magicians behind the scenes, prepping every last detail to make sure the event runs like clockwork. From early mornings to late nights, they're dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.


At the core of Formula Student Portugal there is a deep concern about dynamic event quality.

A karting track converted to an exhilarating Formula Student autocross and endurance track, featuring top-of-the-line asphalt, exiting slaloms, and lots of speed. Get to know the twists and turns of our pride and joy!

Castelo Branco's scenery is the perfect background for one week of high velocity competition!

FSPT is all about stunning views and awesome snaps. Picture this: cars racing with a gorgeous Portuguese sunset over the mountains on the background. Our incredible media team is always ready to catch these moments, giving teams not just some epic sunset photoshoots, these aren't just pics – they're memories, marketing gold that teams can use all year to show off their hard work and the amazing time they had at FSPT.


More than a place to compete, FSPT is a place to stablish network, catching-up with industry leaders, and learn more about Formula Student!

FSPT's partners and sponsors bring the industry to our students' doorstep. They're not just about logos and gadgets; they set up interactive booths and expos in the Sponsors' tent, offering hands-on experiences with the latest tech. It's a hub of learning and networking, where students can dive into tech talks and workshops, gaining invaluable insights. These interactions don't just enlighten; they spark connections and open career pathways in the real engineering world.

If this sparked your interest in participating at FSPT, leave us a message!

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